Psy-Group’s Client Ben van Wijhe Claims to be Doing “Litigation Funding” (Yeah Right!)

News reporters must be the most gullible people in the world. I have previously demonstrated how NRK Brennpunkt’s Harald Eraker became entangled in a far too close tango dance with his sources, and basically published the stories they fed him without any investigation on his part. A few days ago, I was made aware that NRK and another rather obscure Norwegian media outlet called Medier 24 have published articles about Ben van Wijhe’s involvement with Psy-Group. Rather incredibly, they seem to buy his story that he was never Psy-Group’s client. Which is quite hilarious, given the rather overwhelming evidence the reporters would find if they bothered to get their asses out of their comfy chairs. If my readers believe the evidence I have published so far is all I have, rest assured that you are badly mistaken. What you have seen so far is just a fraction, and it’s not even the most damning fraction… However, I have big plans for the rest of the material, and my readers might have to show some patience before I let them further in on Ben van Wijhe’s secrets.

Anyway, the articles report that Ben van Wijhe’s occupation is “Litigation Funding”. You gotta be f***ing kidding me! Let me assure the gentlemen in the Norwegian press that Mr. Van Wijhe’s occupation is something quite different. He is basically an errand boy for a few of the shadier characters in the Dutch underworld, and his main task is moving money for them. For this, he is using entities in Hong Kong, the USA, the British Virgin Islands, the Caymans and several other countries. Incredibly, it looks like he is also dabbling in securities fraud with Nasdaq-listed pink sheets, an activity I’m not so sure his masters would approve of if they knew the attention this is bound to draw. Recently he revived a company from his Commodore days, and gave it the name Torque Lifestyle Brands. The company claims to be a developer and manufacturer of Nutritional Supplements. And to draw in gullible investors, they have arranged for a bit of good news to be posted on pump-and-dump websites. Anybody seeing where this is heading? Maybe NRK will publish a favorable article about the wonders of Torque’s new product line?

I for my part am not surprised that Mr. Van Wijhe suddenly decided to pack up and flee to Thailand. His masters are probably not very fond of the sudden publicity surrounding their errand boy. They might also suddenly have realized that he was using their money to pay huge lawyer bills that had nothing to do with the business he was supposed to do for them. On the other hand, his personal lawyers might also not be very happy at the moment, since it’s not very likely that they will ever get paid for their services. One thing is for sure: The Ban van Wijhe story will continue.