Johan Velten and Ben van Wijhe Hired Investigator to Find Kaare J. Smith’s Alleged Illegitimate Daughter

In a previous post, I mentioned that Johan Velten talked about Psy-Group’s operation in an interview taking place at Oscar Floor’s place. If you thought that was crazy, how about this: Johan Velten, together with Psy-Group client Ben van Wijhe, also hired a Danish private investigator to contact an alleged illegitimate daughter of BCC-leader Kaare J. Smith!

The investigator met Velten and Van Wijhe in Amsterdam, and agreed on a plan for how to approach the alleged daughter. Interestingly, the contract was negotiated between the Danish investigation agency and Velten’s company TEAMWORK. Of course, behind the scenes, Oscar Floor was also involved in the discussions. The official purpose of the project was to inform the alleged daughter of her rights as an heir of Kaare J. Smith. Of course, the real goal was to use this case to damage his reputation. One of the actions described was to use the Danish legal system to force Mr. Smith to give a DNA sample.

The communication between the investigator, Velten and van Wijhe included highly sensitive and personal information. It was immediately forwarded to a number of individuals. Given that Mr. Velten was representing his company, Teamwork, I believe both he and the Danish investigator might have a GDPR-related lawsuit coming up. Also, I wonder what the Norwegian tax office thinks about him charging the costs of such a project to his company? Be that as it may, the main point here is: There seems to be no end to how deep these people will allow themselves to sink, as long as they have a hope of smearing the reputation of BCC and Smith.

Below, you can find links to a few of the emails and documents from this case. Please note that I have redacted the names of the alleged daughter and her mother, as well as other information which could identify them.