Oscar Floor Violated Court-Ordered Ban on Reporting From Bernt Aksel Larsen’s Witness Hearings

Oscar Floor, who in the Psy-Group files is described as a very important asset who is running two public campaign sites as well as two secret sites, has been trying hard to downplay his connection to Jonathan van der Linden. Strange then, that during the last four years, the two have exchanged several thousand messages. They have been discussing upcoming articles in Dutch and Norwegian newspapers, Dutch tax cases and a lot of other subjects. Having spent much of the weekend reading leaked messages, I am flabbergasted by how close the relationship has been between the two.

I’d like to give my readers a small sample. On 21. March 2017, Mr. Bernt Aksel Larsen was heard as a witness in the criminal case against Jonathan van der Linden. The court had imposed a ban on reporting from the hearing. Oscar Floor was one of the spectators who followed along. However, he was not only following along. In fact, he was reporting more or less verbatim from the court room to Van der Linden. Below, you can see a screenshot from messages sent from Van der Linden to Oscar Floor before the break. Van der Linden writes: Thank you for the report. Will be very interested in getting the rest. And a bit later, he writes: How is it going?

The two then go on to discuss Bernt Aksel Larsen’s responses. Van der Linden tells which questions will come up next, and asks Oscar about how Larsen reacts to the questions and what his state of mind seems to be.

Then, a bit later, Van der Linden writes: Your reports are very nice. Because now I can direct my lawyers better. You are typing almost verbatim :). I do hope that DN will publish.

Before the witness hearing, Van der Linden had sent Oscar Floor copies of letters that his lawyers (paid by Ben van Wijhe) had sent to the court. Mr. Floor was consequently very well prepared, and was fully aware of the defense’s strategy. Not only did he work closely with Van der Linden, he also blatantly ignored the court-imposed ban on reporting, and reported verbatim to Van der Linden, as well as giving Van der Linden his impressions of Mr. Larsen’s reactions to the different questions. This, in turn, enabled Van der Linden to direct his lawyers’ questions in such a way that they could have maximum impact on the news reporters present in the court room. I believe this qualifies as gross manipulation of the court process. It would be very interesting to hear the court’s opinion on the matter.